What is PropertyWorks?

PropertyWorks is an asset assessment approach that combines professional property services and wide ranging property data analysis. It enables local authorities to understand their asset portfolio, compare and rank the performance of assets and maximise the use of land and property. Being able to view the performance of the entire portfolio is of tremendous importance for local authorities that hold a portfolio of assets and are dependent on those assets to deliver Best Value services to their customers and community.

PropertyWorks provides the ability to make truly informed decisions about assets critical to the authority, from land, schools and offices to industrial units and shops. PropertyWorks gives property managers, for the first time, the ability to view and manage asset performance from a corporate perspective. By managing critical assets more closely, local authorities can improve outputs from critical revenue-generating assets, reduce the costs of acquiring, maintaining and even disposing of those assets, and, ultimately, achieve better value for the community.

Put simply, PropertyWorks provides the answer to overriding asset issues facing local government:

  1. Find a single system for managing assets regardless of their type, size, value and location
  2. Include all stakeholders in decision making
  3. Evaluate assets on the basis of Best Value
  4. Supports full auditability of decision making

Find out more about PropertyWorks here.