IT Services

PropertyWorks is a highly flexible application, allowing the user to undertake a high degree of customisation and is regularly improved and updated to take account of the changing property management environment. For some clients, specific capabilities are required which can be developed by the PropertyWorks software development team to suit individual needs.


The PropertyWorks IT service delivery team are responsible for the application setup and monitor the day to day operation of the PropertyWorks servers. They also run the technical support centre and resolve client technical queries to ensure that PropertyWorks runs smoothly.

Data Management and Collection

To ease the data uploads into PropertyWorks our IT service delivery team have developed a suite of tools which allows clients to be able to upload data quickly and simply. These tools can also be used to provide regular data transfers between existing systems, or to provide data exports from PropertyWorks.

Data Preparation

To smooth the path to a rapid implementation of PropertyWorks, our team can provide independent advice on data collection, data storage and undertake an initial data gap analysis.

Software Development

A major part of the PropertyWorks solution relies on the supporting software that aids the efficient recording, scoring and manipulation of asset data. The developers at PropertyWorks pride themselves on creating powerful, secure and user-friendly software solutions that can be tailored to provide a client's individual needs.