Suitability Services - PropertyWorks-SQ

A vital part of PropertyWorks is the collection and assessment of suitability data. PropertyWorks-SQ, a plug-in module for PropertyWorks, can also be used separately as a web-based tool to gather property suitability and sufficiency information. PropertyWorks-SQ allows question 'campaigns' to be designed and bespoke questionnaires to be completed via the web. The resulting campaign data can be reported independently and also incorporated directly into PropertyWorks to supplement the other property data.

A campaign can consist of multiple questionnaires, which may be targeted at different types of users - office staff, operational staff, managers, property managers; PropertyWorks-SQ can also be used to canvas opinions from the general public, via the secure website.

PropertyWorks-SQ is a key component in the PropertyWorks system proviind a rounded perspective of the performance and suitability of the property portfolio.