Project Management Services

Projects are unique, transient endeavours undertaken to achieve desired outcomes. Project management is the process by which such endeavors are defined, planned, monitored, controlled and delivered so that desired outcomes can be achieved and benefits realised. (APM, 2008)

To maximise the benefits of PropertyWorks, it is vital that the Asset Challenge process is managed effectively. This role of Project Manager can be carried out by a client representative, although this is dependant on internal resource capacity and capability.

The skill, experience and expertise of the PropertyWorks team enables us to offer a complete Project Management Service. Our tried and tested approach to the Asset Challenge process yields the following benefits:

  • Lower initiation times
  • Efficiency due to experience
  • Seamless integration into existing organisation operations
  • Ongoing project monitoring and coordination
  • Reduced pressure on internal resource
  • Client focus on other objectives

One thing stands out in the analysis of projects. Few fail for technical reasons - most fail because they are not effectively managed. It is this consideration that makes our Project Management services key to the success of your project.

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